Cash Back on Newly Built Homes

Receive 25% Cash Back on My Commission

Buying a new built home from a builder can be both very exciting and stressful. Exciting in the sense that you get to customize your home to your liking (well, to a certain point). You can pick the upgrades, colors, remove or add certain features that appeal to you most. However, the process can be stressful as well. How do you know you’re getting a fair price? Who on the builders team is working on your behalf? What happens when your home is not ready in time and the builder delays the move in date? These are all things to consider and this is why it’s always best for you to be represented.

When I represent my clients for a new built home I cover all these aspects, negotiate on their behalf and much more. On top of this I also offer have a CASH BACK program where my clients receive a 25% Cash Back incentive on my commission from the builder. Typically, this commission is 1-2%. This is a great way to save money and make sure your not alone in the process. As they say two or three heads are better then one.