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  • Canadian Housing Market Outlook (2021)

    Canadians on the move: Not an exodus, but the re-location trend across Canadian housing market is real. RE/MAX Canada expects average residential prices to rise 4% to 6% in 2021… Click below to read the complete report. RE/MAX 2021 Canadian Housing Market Outlook...

  • Ottawa 2021 Housing Market Outlook

    Ottawa housing market to favour sellers in 2021, average price expected to rise 7% The Ottawa housing market currently favours sellers, thanks to low housing inventory and high demand. These conditions are expected to persist in 2021. Low inventory has been a common trend across......

  • Best Places to Live: Ottawa Focused

    Best known as the capital city of Canada, Ottawa sits on the south bank of the Ottawa River and borders Gatineau, Quebec. Ottawa serves as the political centre for Canada, and is home to a breadth of post-secondary, research and cultural institutions. A high standard......